What is robotics and programming for kids

What is robotics & programming for kids? 

Lately, there is a lot of talk on robotics and programming for kids but what exactly is it? What does robotics and programming for kids entail? We will break these concepts down in this article so you can have a good appreciation of the concepts.


To begin with, robotics is the industry related to the engineering, construction and operation of robots. On the other hand, programming is a way of creating instructions that can allow a computer to perform specific tasks.

To illustrate, we can say that just as we humans can understand a few languages (English, Swahili, Suthu, French, etc.), so is the case with computers. Computers can also understand instructions that are written in a specific manner called a programming language.


Learning how to code through robotics is a great way to engage students within the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) fields with coding and programming. 

They are many advantages of teaching kids robotics and programming. We explain them in-depth in this post.

When kids undertake robotics and programming lessons they get to learn how they can make robots do what they want through programming languages. For example, robots can be taught to play the guitar through programming.Robotics for kids


Early levels of programming and robotics for kids introduces the fundamentals of building robots by explaining the basic structures of engineering design.


Subsequent levels aim to develop the skills in engineering design application. By building on fundamentals learnt at the early stages and applying logical thinking, kids get to learn how to make robots come alive through programming and story-telling.


Edustore Africa is here to help 

At Edustore Africa we understand that robotics and programming are rather foreign concepts for most parents. It is also clear that most schools in Africa are not well-equipped and ready to teach robotics and programming for kids.


 However, we shouldn’t deprive the generations coming after ours from understanding and experiencing this technology. 

Robots have and are increasingly replacing humans, not only on repetitive tasks but also many aspects of accounting, legal, marketing, banking operations and trading, research analyst and even surgeons and radiologist jobs. And the pace of change will only accelerate. 

Therefore, why not give your kids the edge by exposing them early to the digital world and help them develop the 21st-century skills to thrive in the volatile and uncertain future?

In line with this thinking, Edustore Africa has all the information that you need to help you set up robotics and programming lessons for kids in your school. For example, we can help you set up robotics workshops cheaply and effectively.

Get in touch with us today so that we start giving our kids a head start!


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