Shape Robotics – Our Review

Coding and Robotics for kids are becoming more and more popular the more time passes. These subjects have entered the mainstream education system and look paced to virtually take over that space.

Besides being a “cool” subject for kids with its engaging way of educating children, its spreading is also helped on by the fact that most African governments are now encouraging STEM and STEAM in schools.

Judging by the way Coding and Robotics are growing both in scope and uptake, the digital landscape some 20 years from now looks to be a very exciting one indeed.

Not only will we see coding and robotics being a generic skill which the vast majority of the population posses but we will also see robots being a significant part of everyday life.

At the forefront of driving this movement are companies like EDUStore Africa and other organisations which help distribute this technology to the African market.

Shape Robotics

In this article we are going to be reviewing a company moving the Robotics agenda forward and their product offering. Shape Robotics is a company which developed the Fable robot system. Fable is a modular robot system which is used to teach Robotics to students from second grade all the way to university.

Using the Fable modular system, you can create different types of robots ranging simpler constructs to more complex ones. You do this by piecing together different modules that create the robot’s movements and senses.

 These modules can be pieced together in different configurations meaning that you are not limited in the number of possible outcomes which you can come up with.

Shape was founded in 2015 with a primary aim of commercialising the Fable robotics system. The company’s main target market has grown from serving only primary schools and now go all the way to university students.

Fable is not only limited to use in the classroom setup. It is perfect for the home setup as well as the hobbyist along with the serious researcher. It’s perfect to teach Robotics to just about any age demographic.

Innovation and invention are on the rise in Africa and there is no better time than now to begin to engage tools like this to help young creative minds on the African continent take their skills to the next level.

Although it can create very complex robotic systems, Fable is much simpler to understand when compared against the competition. The competing companies in this arena include are LEGO Mindstorms and WeDo.

Lego Mindblocks is a software developed by the popular toymaker which utilises Lego blocks to build robots. WeDo is also developed by LEGO but targeted mainly for Kindergarten to grade 2 kids.

What is a Modular Robotics Kit?

shape robotics fable kitTo help you better understand the power that is a modular Robotics kit, we will want to paint a picture in your mind. Imagine that you have been asked to build a wall unit at home. Let’s further imagine these 2 scenarios:

Scenario A

You are given a plane, saw, vice grip, hammer, chisel, measuring tape, square and a few other tools you need in order to come up with a finished article.

If you are a skilled craftsman, you will probably have the finished article in a couple of hours. If you are like the rest of the population, you most probably won’t know where to start.

Scenario B

You are given pre built panels of the entertainment unit and a video manual for how to put it all together.

A skilled craftsman will do it in minutes. It might take you longer but you will get the job done as well.

This is the power that you get from robotics modular kits. You get different pre-built parts and your job is to come up with different configurations to bring out the function you want.

If you would want to order a robotics modular kit, please reach us here.

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