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Programmable Metal Robot Kit Drag-and-drop Programming

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Entry-level robot building & coding kit. This cute robot has 20-minute building time, along with a Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment. Featuring ultrasonic obstacle dodging and automatic line tracking, Q-scout is fun scientifically with expanding capabilities. Q-scout is the best option as a kid’s first robot.


Metal robot building platform

On top of a top-notch metal robot building experience, Qoopers has 174 parts to stimulate your creativity.

Classic sensor set

Ultrasonic & line tracking sensors are scientifically fun and adequately programmable.

Arduino based & graphical programming

The combination of Arduino and a Scratch 3.0 based graphical programming environment covers both entry-level and higher-class development needs with superior hardware compatibility.


The ever-growing list of sensors and electronic modules contribute to a complete robot building platform.


Drag-and-Drop, Code Easily

Do programming on the phone, by dragging command blocks into a chain. Needless to learn grammar and focus on logic, effectively grow programmatic thinking!


Q-Scout is a good programmable edutainment smart robot to get kids interested in Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields
$ 120
Per Set
  • Types of parts 24
  • Total parts quantity 65
  • Color of pars Green & Grey
  • Motor hobby motor (blue)
  • Microcontroller Qmind (Arduino Uno)
  • Communication Bluetooth (consumer package)
  • Bluetooth dongle (education package)
  • Ports 3 ports for sensors, 1 port for motor
  • Inputs 1xButton, 1xUltrasonic Sensor with six built-in RGB
  • LEDs , 1xLine-Tracking Sensor
  • Outputs 1xBuzzer, 2xRGB LED
  • Baterry six AA baterries
  • Software Robobloq APP(Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Assembled Dimensions 189x115x152mm
  • Package Weight 1100g

Q-Scout Curriculum

Connect with Robobloq App and enjoy playing with sensors and electronic modules in a fun way!

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