Fable Makerspace +

Fable Makerspace + Set

Just like the Markerspace kit but even bigger with 6 Joint and 6 Spin Modules. Plus, packed with all possible Fable accessories to maximise your experience.


Fable Makerspace +


Fable Makerspace + consists of:

6 x Fable Spin modules
6 x Fable Joint modules
12 x Dongles
12 x Wheels
6 x Castors
6 x 3XY module
6 x 4XY module
6 x Throwing arms
12 x 3D connectors
12 x Forks
12 x Ball stands
6 x Mazes
12 x Adapters
6 x Flex Phone holder
6 x Phone holders
6 x Plows
6 x Laser pointer
12 x Lids with stand
12 x Boxes
24 x USB cables
2 x 6-way charger
2 x Getting Started Guide
Free access to our online learning platform
Telephone support all weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM (GMT+1)


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