C-STEM Kit - Robobricks

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PRIMARY | AGE : 6-10

C-STEM Kit - Robobricks



  • Kids ages 6 and above can make an infinite number of interactive models using smart blocks from Robobricks, along with the familiar Duplo® | Mega Construx® | Morphun® | Lego® bricks.
  • “Fluid Play” enabled by Robobricks.
  • Children learn to program with easy to use screen-free coding bringing their robotic creation to Life.
  • Brain block comes with rechargeable battery and in built charging solution. Students use our easy to use Tangible coding platform and the program is transmitted wirelessly to the Brain Block, to bring the robotic creations to life.
  • Children can independently build robotic models using their own Duplo® | Morphun® | Lego® bricks, along with our 200 Bricks and our smart blocks.
  • Kids program their model using the magic wand and the 22 coding chips and once the coding is done, the stored program is transmitted wirelessly from the wand to the Brain Block.
  • Engage your child in variety of hands-on STEM challenges enabling 21st Century learning via patent-pending technology.
  • Enhance the learning opportunities to take your classroom to new heights.
  • Wrap quality Play Learning into magical and fun family time.
  • Build a model | Make your creation come to Life | Share your story.

What’s in the box

  • Brain block (Rechargeable)
  • Light block
  • Sound block
  • Touch sensor
  • IR sensor
  • One Wand (Rechargeable)
  • 22 Coding Tags
  • 258 Bricks

What will your child learn

  • Computational thinking skills : Problem Solving |Critical thinking
  • Play and Learn to Code : developing STEM Skills
  • Creative coding : Sequential | Step by Step | Decision making
  • Meaningful project based learning
  • Creative experimentation in Real world contexts


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