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Dinos to Dinner by Douglas Alford (eBook Download)


What will it be like if dinosaurs come to dinner? dinner? Funky Fairy helps us find out.

Science Of Everyday Objects (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook)


Every common object has science and a story that connects it to our lives. For example, whale oil lamps once light many homes. Whales became scarce. People discover a new kind of lamp oil from petroleum called “kerosene.” Later, electric light bulbs replace oil lamps as a way to light our homes. Next, airplanes are […]

Turtle Jumps (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook)


A Turtle named TJ wants to jump. How can a turtle jump? This story teaches us all, how to keep trying until we succeed. Kobe kwa jina TJ anataka kuruka. Je, kasa anawezaje kuruka? Hadithi hii inafundisha yote, jinsi ya kuendelea kujaribu hadi tufanikiwe.