Edustore Africa Answers about programming and coding in Africa

Kindly tell us about Edustore Africa, the gap it’s filling and the strategic role you play.

Motto: “Every child in every village deserves the best tomorrow through education.” Edustore Africa places the learner at the center of the educational experience by our smart partnerships with Robobloq and RoboCamp. This allows all stakeholders to experience the practical application of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) learning environments.

What exactly is digital learning? How important is it to Africa?

Digital learning has no universally accepted definition. It includes but is not limited to delivering instructional material making effective use of technology. Technology has a twofold importance for Africa. The first is the chance to reach a maximum number of learners at the beginning of their education in a vast continent. The second is for those graduates to create, collaborate and innovate in every country here and globally.

How do you measure your organization impact?

All our offerings involve a hands-on relationship with learners. Feedback is direct and

What are the challenges and how are you overcoming them?

Understanding, acceptance and financial. Making sure people understand and accept the value and long term benefit of current technology. Working to obtain as wide an audience as possible to have access. These elements require targeted marketing.

Why is coding robotics important to our curriculum in Africa?

Children/Students have different talents and we can only explore their different strengths through inclusivity. We cannot solely focus on one sector and ignore another. Let’s have young minds be able to have the opportunity of being part of the revolution.

How is Edustore Africa contributing to the development of Africa?

By putting the learner at the centre of the educational experience we ensure Africa is part of the conversation of development. We create an environment in which we can come up with our own solutions using current and inclusive technology. The opportunity to learn at your convenience, in your schools, individually and in dedicated camps are powerful tools.

What is the future for your organization and what steps are you taking towards achieving them?

We want the whole of Africa to adopt the system and technology. We need it to be a trend in Africa. We aim to create sustainable change in the continent. We are partnering with different individuals/organizations and schools all over Africa. We have people on board who believe in the vision, are competent and passionate about it.

What is your view on the development of Africa's education ecosystem and tech? Especially with the girl child?

Africa is not where it was in terms of Education. A good number of people are adapting to the idea of technology in Education. Labs are more furnished. Schools are open to technology labs and clubs. We have more technology camps and Developers groups over the holidays. We encourage the girl child to get into technology and get excited about it. We know more needs to be done and we plan to be on the forefront.

How can African government support the campaign on digital learning?

Let’s start with the fact that there is no African government. Africa is a continent, made up of fifty-four recognized states. Each is filled with diverse populations all with particular needs and challenges. Each government must change the curriculum to make it inclusive. They must support the advancement of labs, especially in higher learning institutions.


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