Coding Course for Kids | ArcadeCAMP Scratch Review

There is no doubt about the fact that Robotics and coding are the present and future. Another thing that is also, without a doubt, is the fact that the gaming industry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry the world over.

One of the biggest drives as far as coding and robotics are concerned is to teach children real-world skills at a very early age and help them develop analytic and problem-solving skills.

The beauty of the approach that we at Edustore Africa take is that we do this in a way that is both engaging and exciting for the kids. Children learn most as they are playing. One of the reasons is that all their core learning faculties are engaged thereby enabling them to learn better. The experiences and feedback from kids from coding boot camps organized by Edustore Africa in South Africa and Botswana are amazing.

At Edustore Africa we offer programs and equipment that help the student do all the above and more. Our desire is to be the name of note in Africa when it comes to offering cutting edge solutions to our beautiful African children.

To date, many innovations and inventions have come out of African children and our company gives them the platform to develop this spirit of innovation and invention.

How Children Learn

As we covered in one of our other articles on this site, children generally learn in 4 ways. These are:

  1. Visual

These learn best through visual aids like pictures, diagrams, graphs, written directions and more.

  1. Auditory

These learn best when something is reinforced by sound. They would rather listen to teaching than to read. They will also often use their voices to reinforce things and will often read something out loud to themselves.

  1. Kinesthetic

Also, know as tactile learners, they learn through experiencing or doing things. They achieve this by acting out events or using their hands to touch and handle to understand things.

  1. Reading/ Writing

This type of learner prefers to learn through the written word. They are drawn to expression through writing and reading.

This is evidence that the normal classroom setup is not geared towards engaging all the learning faculties.

In light of all this, there are a lot of software programs and courses that have been developed over the years. Today we are going to review one of the programmes we offer in conjunction with our partners known as ArcadeCAMP Scratch.

What is ArcadeCAMP Scratch?

ArcadeCAMP Scratch is a course that teaches children how to program some popular classic games. This course does not need one to have a robotics kit but only utilizes the popular Scratch software.

The course focuses mainly on teaching children how to code games like Kong, Space Explorer, Bouncing Gear, Falling Bricks, Banana Chase, Snake, and Tetris.

If there is one thing that will excite children and inspire them to learn more it is learning to code games.

They may not understand how to apply certain apps in everyday situations but they certainly will understand games. Nearly every child exposed to a smart phone or other simpler phones will have played a game at some point in their young lives.

ArcadeCAMP Scratch gives children the ability to quickly grasp the basic fundamentals of coding in a manner that keeps them fully engaged. It is one of the major reasons that this particular programme was developed.

Scratch is available for free download online thereby allowing anyone with a computer to do it. It also teaches the fundamentals of coding without necessarily needing to have a robotics kit if you can’t afford one.




If you are interested in teaching children the fundamentals of coding without the need for a Robotics kit then ArcadeCAMP Scratch is the best solution for you.

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