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About Edustore Africa

Edustore Africa is an EdTech company that focuses on STEAM and EdTech consultancy. As an Inquisitive E-Commerce business managing diverse work force and leadership in the global environment. We seek to Establish relationships with key stakeholders for a smooth transition of digital learning in this great continent. With extensive key skills and experience in the educational industry we have attained a core mandate to see that every child in every village has the best tomorrow, through Education.

We are enthusiastic on spearheading the 4th industrial revolution in Africa with passion on robotics, coding and STEAM. Our focus on customer satisfaction and utmost caring attitude is a hallmark of our organization.

We monitor, evaluate and implement emerging educational strategies that maximise life long learning through outcome-based education. We are committed to work in beneficial partnerships with our clients so as to provide quality and cost-effective products

With over 15 years’ experience and skills in the industry, our management team is a showcase to all our stakeholders. Our reputation rests in our professionalism – efficiency and integrity – to which is Our religion.

We have built a solid reputation as the leading provider of STEM career information, helping to boost student engagement and interest as proven by numerous surveys. At the same time, STEM related employers are dealing with a leaky STEM pipeline, struggling to fill more than one million available jobs.


To bridge the divide that exists between school and work through the development of online tools to connect students, educators, companies, and providers. We are starting with the STEM Job Shadow Finder, coming online by spring 2019


To be the leaders in providing Quality Educational products to our children in the African Continent


Robotics & Programming in every school?

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