Huge Library of Resources
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Huge Library of Resources

We have an extensive list of resources to help educators and trainers excel at impacting transformative education to students.

Future Proof Skills
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Future Proof Skills

We strive to only impart valuable knowledge and schools that are not in the traditional school system. These skills will better equip students for the future.

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Courses & Training

Join our online series of courses and training modules to help guide you in the world of STEAM. Our materials are accredited by leading educational institutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are future orientated and ensure all our materials focus on the latest technologies.


We provide extensive learning resources and materials for all institutions in Africa

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We have educators and trainers courses to level up your skills


Whether its a pre school or a university we have the resources needed.


Our large collection of eBooks can fill up a library in no time.

Robobloq Q-Scout STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12


STEM Educational Robotics: Q-scout helps children learn programming in a step-by-step manner, taking them from simple and fun drag-and-drop programming with Scratch graphics to advanced programming with Arduino and Python. It allows children to learn coding, electronics and robotics through building and playing while improving their logical thinking, hands-on skills, creativity and other abilities. Multiple […]

Fishi Birdy (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook Download)


How can they be friends? Can a fish fly and a bird swim? This is the story of finding ways around differences and being friends. Fishi & Birdy Namna gani wanaweza kuwa marafiki? Je, samaki wa fish wanaweza kuruka na ndege kuogelea? Hii ni hadithi ya kutafuta njia za kuzunguka tofauti na kuwa marafiki.

Science Of Everyday Objects (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook)


Every common object has science and a story that connects it to our lives. For example, whale oil lamps once light many homes. Whales became scarce. People discover a new kind of lamp oil from petroleum called “kerosene.” Later, electric light bulbs replace oil lamps as a way to light our homes. Next, airplanes are […]

Dinos to Diner (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook)


What will it be like if dinosaurs come to dinner?  Funky Fairy helps us find out. Chafya ya NyukiBilly anataka kuwa mchukuaji poleni lakini mzio ni katika njia. Hii ni hadithi ya kushinda vikwazo kuwa bora zaidi ambayo tunaweza kuwa. What will it be like if dinosaurs come to dinner?  Funky Fairy helps us find out.

Seasons-Turn Tilt Orbit (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook)


This book sheds light on the subject of seasons. We see how
different amount of Sun heat shines on the Earth. We hold onto our
gravity attached seats as our Earth turns with a tilt as it speeds in
orbit around the Sun! With energy, we see the origins of our seasons
as we adapt to yearly temperature changes.

-Kugeuka, Kuinama na Obiti

Kitabu hiki kinatoa mwanga juu ya mada ya majira. Tunaona jinsi joto la jua
linavyoangaza duniani. Tunashikilia viti vyetu vilivyounganishwa na mvuto
wakati Dunia yetu inageuka na kuinama kama inavyoharakisha katika
mzunguko karibu na Jua letu! Kwa nishati, tunaona asili ya misimu yetu
tunapozoea mabadiliko ya joto ya kila mwaka.

Plants give (kiswahili version) by Sally Kimangu (eBook Download)


Plants make our food. They also give us pretty flowers that make the world smell better. Plants give and teach people how to share with one another and to care for nature. Mimea Kutoa Mimea hufanya chakula chetu. Pia hutupa maua mazuri ambayo hufanya ulimwengu kuwa bora zaidi. Mimea huwapa na kuwafundisha watu jinsi ya […]

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -- Nelson Mandela

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